Dr. Nancy Beliveau: Part-Time Schedule, Full-Time Success

Dr. Nancy Beliveau and her son.

Dr. Nancy Beliveau: Part-Time Schedule, Full-Time Success

In the bustling world of healthcare, where demands often outweigh the capacity for care, Dr. Nancy Beliveau, the practice owner at Holistic Wholeness Institute dreamed of a career where she could truly help people achieve optimal health without an endless cycle of prescriptions.   

“I wasn’t practicing the kind of medicine I envisioned when I entered this field,” she confesses.   

Nancy wasn’t disillusioned with medicine itself. The spark in her eyes ignited when she spoke of preventive care, personalized wellness plans, and empowering patients to take charge of their health. However, personal experiences exposed her to the futility of drug prescriptions and treatments aimed solely at symptoms.   

“One time in college, I was getting a tumor cut out of my cervix, and the doctor said, ‘Don’t worry, we got it all, but when it grows back, it will be more aggressive,’ and that was my last straw. I heard the words ‘when it grows back’ and I was reminded of my grandfather’s case where they never got to the root cause.”  

Thus, when she found herself facing the traditional healthcare path with her career, Nancy felt out of integrity with herself. She didn’t want to be a slave to the system and become part of the problem. So at 21 years old, she made a shift into naturopathy, focusing on nutrition and integrative medicine.   

Initially, she worked as a physical therapist, using the early days of her career to grow her confidence around building her practice and passion by talking to her clients about their diets and how they could improve them for a healthier life.   

After a year of sharing an office, she moved into her own space, and even though her practice began scaling, the margins were just so small. Practicing in the insurance model caused her to experience burnout.  

“My personal life was also feeling the impact of this prohibitive system. I always wanted to be a mom and be present in my family’s life, just like my mom was in mine. Even though I was working part-time, my business model made this difficult to achieve. There was a nagging feeling that there had to be a better way to create the physical, spiritual, and emotional freedom we deserve.”   

In 2020, Nancy’s husband got an invite for a dinner talk from an FPC client who was doing financially well in the program. He encouraged her to join, and by January 2021, they were a part of the community.  

“There was a glimmer of hope. I had finally discovered a program promising a practice model that aligned with my beliefs – a value-based, direct care approach that prioritized patient well-being over billable hours.” 

Three years after starting the program, Nancy’s business witnessed a massive boom. This trajectory and timeframe within which it happened helped her appreciate the three-year structure of the program.   

“The third year is when my business remarkably took off. We almost doubled in 2023. We hit 115, 120, and 150 thousand dollars in some months. I eventually sold my first practice and was finally able to break free from the insurance model.”  

Nancy’s shift was not without difficulties, however. Leaving a well-established practice to start a new one in a field where she was unknown required a total paradigm shift. She commented that part of the reason she wasn’t making her desired progress was that she became complacent in her journey. She credits her massive mindset shift as the most powerful element that helped her in FPC, in addition to the skills she gained during the program, such as how to give talks and PMEs. Her present morning routine exemplifies the profound benefits of changing her mentality. 

“My morning routine used to be about five minutes. Now, I spend between 30 minutes and an hour reading, journaling, expressing gratitude, meditating, and working out. I also did inner child work because we noticed in our workshops that it was highly beneficial. There were moments of doubt, and it was scary and humbling. But the FPC community and coaches were incredible support systems. It wasn’t just about practice management; it was about personal development too, because as part of nature, we are either growing or dying.”  

Perhaps the most significant benefit for Nancy has been living a more balanced life. As of now, she is “semi-retired”, having refined her part-time approach to her practice which affords her full control of her schedule. As a further testament to her growth, Nancy is now consistently hitting six-figure months, and she joined FPC’s elite Legacy group last year. In January, the group had a retreat in Mexico where she witnessed yet another massive shift. After a roleplay exercise with John (FPC CEO), she achieved one of her business goals to cut her PME delivery time from 90 minutes to 45 minutes.   

“Trevor (FPC VP, Sales) doesn’t think this is a miracle but a product of my hard work, and a quantum leap. But I believe it is a miracle that I achieved this feat in under a week at the retreat. Being part of the Legacy group and around tremendously successful people has been extremely inspiring for me. I was in awe of how healthy and vibrant the atmosphere was and loved how much time there was to deeply connect with others. The flexibility FPC offers allows me to prioritize my well-being. Now, I can truly be the best doctor I can be, for myself and for my patients. I’m excited to improve my skills as a leader and a business owner so that I can be more effective and work less. I’m also excited to scale and enable more people to have the balanced life that FPC enables us to have. I want to impact ten times the number of lives!”  

Nancy’s advice for anyone already in the community or looking to become a part of it and be successful, is to believe that they can free others by first, freeing themselves. According to her, choosing to heal from past trauma not only lights your candle but also allows you to use that candle to light the way for others.   

“When I started, I was excited but also nervous and overwhelmed by the curriculum and this ‘next phase’ and not feeling ready. You’re never going to feel ready. There’s never a perfect time. So, if you could take the part of you that wants to do everything perfectly and fast and just silence it; you can be in tune with yourself and with your pace and you’ll know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”    

Nancy has honed her skills as a healer and leader. She is empowering both herself and her clients to embrace a life-long journey of wellness and has a vision that extends far beyond her practice.   

“This is what I was created for. To help others discover their purpose and to create momentum for bettering the world.”  

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