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In 9 weeks, we have increased our income by almost 80%.
Dr. Vernon Williams

The patients are loving it. We’re getting rave reviews.
Dr. Connie Casebolt

There’s so much to learn with Freedom Practice Coaching. It’s an awesome experience.
Dr. Corinne Weaver

It’s all learnable and you can still be you in the model that FPC is presenting.
Dr. Ken Davis


Think Your Private Practice Can Experience 2x to 5x Growth on Its Own? Think Again!

76% of our clients double their practice (or more) in the first 9-12 months*

*Independent 3rd Party review by Yager Media Group

If you feel like you are ready for these types of results, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you frustrated with the current health care and insurance landscape?
  • Do you feel like you could be having a much bigger impact in your patient population, but you’re already so overwhelmed?
  • Are you buried under a mountain of administrative nonsense and time-sucking paperwork?

If you’re a doctor or health practitioner and own your own private practice, you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to say…

It’s STILL possible to go to work every day and…

  • Feel like you’re in control of your own schedule and financial destiny
  • LOVE what you do
  • Create the lifestyle you’ve always imagined
  • Make a greater impact in people’s lives
  • Create the kind of income YOU want and DESERVE
  • Know your team has got your back

…DESPITE the increasingly tough environment you face in the current healthcare industry.

Of course, if you have your own practice…it’s particularly tough. Almost daily you battle skyrocketing operating costs…time-consuming regulatory burdens…the threat of financial penalties for non-compliance
…and hassles with getting paid by insurance companies—to name just a few.

Just how bad is it? Statistics confirm 7 out of 10 private practices closed their doors in just the last 15 years alone!

Now, if what you’re doing seems to be working—CONGRATULATIONS!

Because there’s no better feeling in the world than living out your purpose, fulfilling your potential, creating a life of freedom for you and your family, and making a difference in the lives of your patients and in your community.

But the truth is…

If Your Business Depends On You to Be There to Make Money

Then You Don’t Own a Business…You Own a Job!

If you own a Job and not a Business...then you’ll always be trading time for money and won’t be able to…

  • Scale your business
  • Have a greater impact in your community
  • Have time to spend with your loved ones


One on One Personalized Coaching

You’ll get one-on-one coaching and guidance with our highly trained team of FPC business experts that specialize in all systems and strategies required to build a self-sustaining and thriving practice. Together we'll create a customized business plan that gives you the direct roadmap to your highly-lucrative dream practice. Our team is highly invested in your success, and are there to ensure that you have what you need and do what it takes to become the wellness leader in your community..

Training Calls For Your Team

Not only will YOU be coached, but your staff as well. Your team will engage on a regular basis with an FPC coach to discuss and review your practice's statistics, daily processes, communication skills, lead generation, and referral systems. By going through this process, your team will feel like a family and be more invested in the success of your practice! Your team will be trained to automate many aspects of your practice so that it is not dependent on you.

Done 4 You Practice Templates

Get unlimited access to all business documents and templates essential for running a modern private practice, including: patient processing, statistics calculations, daily action plans, staff training manual, documents that allow for speedy implementation and automation and more!

Marketing Materials to 5X Your Revenue

Get unlimited access to all of our marketing materials that have helped to increase revenue by 2X - 5X, All resources include: marketing strategy check lists, copy and paste templates, ad templates, guidelines and materials to create killer presentations, stat calculators, automated lead generator, automated marketing systems and procedures, audio and video marketing training, speaker training, and more. Watch your practice boom before your very eyes.

Real Accountability

360° Accountability and Essential Weekly Implementation

This is REAL 360-degree Accountability at its best. Our goal is to ensure that week in and week out you are on track, meeting your goals, and growing your practice. Using advanced stat tracking from your practice, our team identifies your true challenges and biggest opportunities for growth in your practice. Each week, we'll focus on implementing a single project that tangibly adds to your business' daily execution, net profits, team morale, workplace creativity, free time, client satisfaction, and more!

Influence Your Patients Through Communication Skills

What separates practitioners who have massive success vs those who struggle to get their patients to be compliant is their ability to communicate, educate, and influence their patients to focus on long-term health goals. From attracting new patients, turning that first-time patient into a committed member, to having your patients become raving fans that refer your services to their network… All of this takes influence and a high-level of communication expertise and is one of the most important aspects of your success. Once mastered you’ll never have to "sell" anyone.

For Serious Doctors and Practitioners Only!

Learn more about how we can help you build a business that’s
Easier to manage…Exciting for your entire team…Helps more people…Provides better care…and MAKES YOU MORE MONEY!

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Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.
Bill Gates

Here’s What You Can Expect To Take Away at Discovery Day:

  • Have your Practice become an efficient and automatic lead generation machine
  • Get recognized as the wellness expert in your community
  • Assemble and develop a Super Star Team that can take 96% of the administrative work off of your plate
  • Master the 3 phases of communication that lead your prospects to sign-up
  • Discover how to pre-educate your prospects so that they are enrolled before they step foot into your practice
  • Communicating the logic in your approach, rather than selling your programs.
  • How to charge what you’re worth…your true value!
  • Assemble and develop a Super Star Staff
  • Design daily actions for your entire team
  • Discover what statistics are important to track and how to run your business by the numbers rather than emotions
  • How to consistently generate tons of referrals from your patients and practitioner colleagues
  • Design daily actions that move your entire team to become agents for increasing revenue and creating a superior patient experience
  • Move steadily toward your having more and more time freedom while having a successful practice
  • Design your business around your lifestyle, not the other way around
  • And so Much more!

Our Team…Your Coaches

Our team of expert coaches and business mentors are with you every step of the way. We’ll help you take your practice—your business—to a level you never dreamed possible. Join the hundreds of practitioners who’ve seen their businesses double or triple in revenue in just a few short months. Once you experience what’s possible, you’ll wonder how you did it any other way...And you’ll never look back.

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