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"... I recently signed on with Freedom Practice Coaching and can honestly say it is the best investment I have made for my practice. In just a few short months, my practice has become what I always wanted. By implementing the tools and strategies that FPC have given me, I had a record month last month and have collected more income in the first half of this month than I averaged for all of last year! ..." --Dr. Ky Carlson


"Being a member of FPC has changed my life and given me more passion to do what I always planned on doing, helping others. The passion you all put into the program shows at every quarterly training and I am always amazed to see what ya'll come up with next since everyone is more impressive than the one before. The trainings are not your typical rah-rah sessions like the other management groups I have attended in the past where after a week you lose that momentary spark and fall back into old habits. I sat down today and did my monthly stats and can tell you as of today, not a full year into FPC, we have more than doubled our collections as of the same time last year. As of last October we collected $468,369 and as of the end of this October we have collected a whooping $943,690-- WOW! I have always dreamed of collecting over a million dollars and now it will happen and then some. . . ."
--Dr. Dale Southerland


“You have made my job so much fun and so rewarding. I look forward to the next workday because of the positive atmosphere, team goals that we work towards daily, and the systems and resources we have available to attain them. Last month we hit our goals and as a result I got a $2,000 bonus on top of my regular pay! This month we have set new goals and I have the potential of getting a $4,000 bonus!! That makes us all strive for excellence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Dawn Dierlam, San Antonio TX


“I absolutely love being a part of my team now! My position is a front office assistant but I get to do more than fetch coffee and answer phones. Now I am able to have creative input on business decisions, focus on our patients having an exceptional experience, and can even help with revenue now that we have additional streams. As a result of all this I earned a $2,000 bonus last month because we hit our goals as a team. Thanks for helping us create a fun, up beat, and rewarding work environment!” –Mary Guirovich, Imagine Wellness Clinic