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“I had a lot of fear going out on my own. FPC has been a continuation of my transformation into who I really am. This community is more fruitful than anything I could have ever hoped for.”

-Gene Blake, NP, & Erin Copenhaver, PA
Rising Tide Wellness

“Since joining FPC, our revenue tripled, growing by over $1 million annually.

-Adam Lerner, LAc
Family Acupuncture & Wellness

“My clinic wanted me to see a new patient every 15 minutes, write a prescription, and move on. That’s not why I got into medicine. FPC has allowed me to focus on being the doctor I want to be.”

-Dr. Roy Hall, MD
Mountain Health Functional Medicine

“Our lives have transformed since working with FPC. We work significantly fewer hours, no longer deal with insurance, and we’re not stressed out. We’re finally living the life we always dreamed about.”

Amos Berry & Jenette Berry, RDN, LD
Functional Nutrition Resources

"Before joining FPC, finances were really tight. Now we’re now consistently bringing in about 3X more revenue and helping people on such a different level."

Leslie Meyers, ND & Emily Colwell, ND
WaterLeaf Naturopathic Medicine

“I left a successful cardiology practice to become a leader in reversing disease. I sought out FPC’s mentorship and now I’m on track to be more successful than ever.”

-Dr. Vikram Raya, MD, FACC
Vitology Institute

“When I started with FPC, my practice was doing $5,000 per month. Now we do $50,000 to $60,000 per month.”

-Sarah Treat, CN
Sarah Treat Nutrition

“When I followed FPC's model for packaging my services, I expected more money with less work. What I didn’t expect is that I would get even better patient results.

Dr. Danite Haller, ND
Arizona Natural Health Center

“In the western medical model, I was laid off multiple times.
Now that I’ve been coached by FPC, I have my own practice.
I’ve hired staff to support me, and I’m looking to hire a physician to replace me in the future.”

-Dr. Amy Loschert, Integrative Oncologist
Elemental Health

“FPC was the best business decision I’ve ever made. It opened my eyes to a new way to practice. It may sound cheesy, but it changed my life.”

-Jenna Blasi, ND
Dr. Jenna Blasi

“I hadn’t been able to pay myself for 3 years, and my practice wasn't going to survive. Within 3 months of signing up for FPC, we tripled our monthly revenue. Then we tripled our annual revenue. FPC has been the most valuable investment I’ve ever made.”

Sheila Kilbane, MD, Integrative Pediatrician
Dr. Sheila Kilbane

“I was fighting it quite a bit at first. I said, okay, I'm going to listen to everything and follow the instructions. As soon as I started doing that, my practice accelerated, and we generated more income than ever.

Dr. Nicole Rothman, DC

Dr. Nicole Rothman, DC
Rothman Health Solutions

Using the FPC model, we celebrated our best month ever, hitting $173,747 in revenue!

Linell King, MD
Naples Vitality

My wife and I were barely scraping by, running a (fee-for-service) holistic medicine practice. Within our first year with FPC, we increased our monthly revenue by over 7X. Their ongoing mentorship has been completely crucial to our success.

Dr. Adam Dombrowski, ND
Nature Medicine Clinic

Instead of working grueling hours and weekends, I now only work 4 days a week. My health has improved, my stress has decreased, and I go on vacations whenever I want. I’ve been able to create the business and the life I want with the FPC model.”

Dr. Kori Feldman, MD, Direct Primary Care Vitality Family Health

FPC helped me serve more patients in a deeper way and my monthly revenue has increased by over 160% in just 7 months.

Dr. Gregory Fryer, MD
Medical Direct Care

“Starting from $0, I brought in $400,000 in my first year with FPC, and nearly $800,000 in my second year.”

Jeff Hunter, NP
Upstream Functional Medicine

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