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Reclaim time, create wealth, and transform patients the FPC way

Who We Are

The Most Comprehensive Healthpreneur Training & Mentorship Program in Existence

FPC is an ecosystem of health entrepreneurs and business mentors who have built and grown multiple 7- and 8-figure companies. Over the past 10 years, we’ve synthesized the most effective models, systems, and tools to help 700+ medical and wellness practices scale profitably.

Escape The Rigged Healthcare System
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Escape The Rigged Healthcare System

A Healthcare Mentor’s Prescription for a Better Practice, Better Life. The book will take you about an hour to read and show you how to separate yourself from the Rigged model and start enjoying your practice again. We will also send a digital copy to your email straight away! 

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Satisfied Doctors

Implement a new model, increase your revenue, improve health outcomes, and achieve the vision of your dream practice.

Streamline operations, decrease your workload, transition to a 4-day workweek, and spend quality time with your family.

Numbers Talk.

“Since joining FPC, our revenue tripled, growing by over $1 million annually.

-Adam Lerner, LAc
Family Acupuncture & Wellness

“I hadn’t been able to pay myself for 3 years, and my practice wasn’t going to survive. Within 3 months of signing up for FPC, we tripled our monthly revenue. Then we tripled our annual revenue. FPC has been the most valuable investment I’ve ever made.”

Sheila Kilbane, MD, Integrative Pediatrician
Dr. Sheila Kilbane

“FPC helped me serve more patients in a deeper way and my monthly revenue has increased by over 160% in just 7 months.”

Dr. Gregory Fryer, MD
Medical Direct Care

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Schedule with a practice specialist to assess the state of your business, diagnose key challenges, identify high-leverage opportunities, and determine if it makes sense for us to explore working together.

Why Choose Us

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Build a Freedom Practice

Break free from insurance providers, stop trading time for money, and create flexibility in your schedule. Your practice should work for you, not the other way around.

Implement a Proven Model

Adopt a time-tested medical business model used by 700+ clients over the past decade that creates lasting success for you, your team, and your patients.

Better Business, Better Life

Winning in entrepreneurship requires both business excellence and personal mastery. Success in your practice pours over into every aspect of your life.

By Doctors, For Doctors

We teach from personal experience founding, building, and scaling multi-million-dollar practices. Our strategies apply to any practitioner, no matter your specialty.

The Big Problem Doctors Face Today

Most practitioners who offer a proactive, preventative approach struggle with the day-to-day demands of their practice.

This is not due to a lack of clinical skills; it’s due to a gap in the business acumen required to implement the strategies and systems needed to run an efficient, profitable practice.

That’s where Freedom Practice Coaching comes in. We teach you and your team every aspect of building a scalable business that can work without you.

This is the missing link that will enable you to make a bigger impact in the lives of your patients, team, and family.

Success Stories

"You don't have a choice, you will succeed"

"I more than tripled my revenue. It's a gamechanger."

"After the first month with FPC I met my goal of sixty thousand dollars"

Our Process

A Wellspring of Knowledge Plus Hands-On Training for Your Entire Team

Get a Practice Diagnosis

  • Personal Development & Mentorship

    Top-performers in any realm of human endeavor consistently cultivate the thoughts and beliefs that empower them to succeed at the highest level. Having mentors who have been in your shoes and then made millions will give you the confidence to push through challenges and hit your goals.

  • Recurring Revenue Models

    Receive step-by-step, day-by-day instruction and coaching to help you implement a lucrative, recurring-revenue model that puts the ownership of wellness back in the hands of you and your patients in order to create better, lasting health outcomes.

  • Systems & Scaling

    Mastering the transition to a better revenue model is a necessary first step. Then, to scale, you must implement operational systems, technology tools, management principles, marketing engines, financial controls, and more. This will require a push, but once you’ve laid a strong foundation, you can reach new heights.

CURRENT - Nicole Rothman

“It’s worth the investment. I’ve learned so much from FPC. I’m a better doctor, a better person, and much more of a leader than I ever was.”


Nicole Rothman – Rothman Health Solutions

CURRENT - Jeff Hunter

“Dr. Webb and the FPC team provide the vehicle to get you to your desired destination. You’ll grow your practice by helping people see the value in health and take personal responsibility for it.”


Jeff Hunter – Upstream Functional Medicine


“FPC is like a family. I can call someone in the community and get support on anything. I feel very connected to the community. We’re all looking out for each other and succeeding together.”


Miles Nichols – Medicine with Heart


“My advice to you is to implement every step because the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll hit your goals. Trust the system. It’s worked for me and it’s worked for a whole ecosystem of practices nationwide.”


Mandeep Walia – Poway


“The path was set, and it was used before and my team and I saw proof in other offices. We knew we could get to our goals with this model. This is a true coaching program.”


Roger Borbon – Bee Cave


“My practice and my life will never be the same! I went from dipping into savings to pay my clinic’s rent to bringing in dependable profits. FPC made it possible for me to pursue my purpose, change my patients’ lives, and be more present with my family.”


Lexie Cheng

CURRENT - Minni Malhotra

“I transformed. Throughout the journey, I could always talk to somebody if something wasn’t working in my practice, and I knew I always had support. I could not have done it without FPC.”


Minni Malhotra – Anchor Wellness Centerr

CURRENT - Jenn Sosnowski

“FPC is the answer to getting your life back and actually making some real money without working three times as hard. These guys are the real deal, they make things happen. FPC will help improve your life, your financial statements, and your family.”


Jennifer Sosnowski – MVP Medical Care PLLC

CURRENT - Jenna Blasi

“FPC was the best business decision I’ve ever made. It opened up new ways that was lifechanging that allowed me to have my dream practice and my dream life.”


Jenna Blasi – Sedona Naturopathic


“It was not easy to achieve success, but FPC and the community and friends I’ve gained were able to help me overcome the challenges. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”


Forrest Sauer – Twin Oaks Health

CURRENT - Grey Fryer

“My practice was sinking fast. I needed a change. FPC has dramatically changed the trajectory of my business. They provided a plan and model that has not only propelled my practice but also challenged me to grow personally.”


Gregory Fryer – Medical Direct Care


“FPC has been my business coach and mentor for personal growth for the last 5 years. They have a great system that helped me become financially independent. I’m so glad I chose FPC!”


Farah Sultan

CURRENT - Leslie Meyers

“After starting with FPC, we’ve been bringing in strong revenue consistently every month. It’s just so exciting. We’re helping people on a different level and it’s only getting smoother, bigger, and better.”


Leslie Meyers – Waterleaf Naturopathic Medicine


“Great community of Functional Medicine practitioners aligned together by a fantastic practice marketing and operations system taught by an outstanding team. Highly recommended.”


S. J. Shaw

Carolinas Natural Health Center

“I’ve been with FPC for 5 years. FPC is continuously helping me better myself, my team, my services, and my practice. I work about 3 days a week and earn 6-figures monthly in revenue. FPC has truly helped me achieve freedom.”


Michael Smith – Carolinas Natural Health Center

CURRENT - Susan Lovelle

“I was trying to build my practice on my own and I was straight-up struggling. Everything turned around so quickly with FPC. In a single week, I brought in more revenue than I had the entire previous year.”


Susan Lovelle – Premiere Wellness


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