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Escape The Rigged Healthcare System

written by Dr. Charles Webb

Hey it’s Dr. Charles Webb here, and I just finished my book – “Escape The Rigged Healthcare System: A Healthcare Mentor’s Prescription for a Better Practice, Better Life.”

The book will take you about an hour to read and show you how to separate yourself from the Oppression model and start enjoying your practice again.

Dr. Charles Webb

Dr. Charles Webb

On a mission to revolutionize the broken health care system. Read more in my book.

Confront Your Current Business Limitations

What do I mean by "current business limitations?"

Are you burning out from the day-to-day demands that worsen every year under your current practice model? Are things getting tougher?

Are you struggling to make a living instead of gaining true wealth, unable to earn your true value as a top-notch physician or other health professional?

Do you want to offer a better experience and better outcomes for those who trust in you the most - your patients?

The Broken Healthcare Business Model

The dominant but outdated healthcare business model has become an untenable burden. You know it; I know it, and anyone who has been in healthcare practice for more than a short time knows it. In the destructive wake of this model, we see huge numbers of broken physicians, broken practices and broken lives.

What Can You Do About Your Current Business Limitations
and The Big Three Oppressors?

It will start with your willingness to read through this mini book with few if any interruptions. It’s best to throw your feet up and absorb it in one sitting if possible. I’ve kept it brief so you can do that. I realize how much you value your time.

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Escape The Rigged Healthcare System

You'll discover the proven systems that have allowed over 700 of my clients to:

  • Enjoy practicing on their own terms.
  • Earn true wealth.
  • Better serve their patients.
  • Create a life outside their practice.

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