“Within 3 months of signing up for FPC, we tripled our monthly revenue. Then we tripled our annual revenue.”

Sheila Kilbane, MD, Integrative Pediatrician
Dr. Sheila Kilbane


The Customized Healthcare Programs Blueprint

Download this free blueprint to discover how implementing a Customized Programs Model can increase profits with fewer patients, better health outcomes, and a 4-day workweek.

The Blueprint will show you exactly how customized wellness programs are better for your patients, your practice, and you.

The strategies inside have been used by over 700 private practices to improve patient results, free up their time, and increase revenues by as much as 10x.

“FPC helped me serve more patients in a deeper way and my monthly revenue has increased by over 160% in just 7 months.”

Dr. Gregory Fryer, MD
Medical Direct Care

But Wait… Here’s a Learning Hack for “A” Players

Research reveals that readers complete an average of just 24% of digital material before their attention is pulled away to other activities.

This is why we’re offering a hard copy of the Blueprint. Set aside an hour, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the read with zero distractions. “A” Players prioritize personal development and cultivating the discipline to follow-through where others fail.

Escape the Time-for-Money Trade-off

Of the Fee-for-Service Model

Welcome to the New Standard of Care

Customized Programs Are…

  • Better for Your Patients

    Give your patients an all-inclusive plan of action and empower them to reclaim ownership of their health.

  • Better for Your Practice

    Engage more deeply with fewer patients, break free from insurance providers, offer holistic programs, and substantially increase your profit margins.

  • Better for You

    Make more money in less time, transition to a 4-day workweek, and re-ignite your inspiration by supporting health transformations in your community.

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When I followed FPC's model for packaging my services, I expected to make more money, and even work less. What I didn’t expect is that I would get even better patient results.

Dr. Danite Haller, Arizona Natural Health Center

In this FREE Blueprint, you’ll learn:

  • How customized programs radically improve patient compliance
  • Why patients who participate in customized programs enjoy better results
  • How to break out of the fee-for-service time-trap
  • What components to include in all-inclusive wellness programs
  • How finally offering your true worth as a practitioner brings in higher profits
  • How to build programs that encompass all stages of the patient’s journey, starting with their current state of health to reaching their desired destination, and beyond

I started FPC at ground zero, totally broke. We celebrated our "Best Month Ever" in January 2020, hitting $173,747.29!

Dr. Linell King, Naples Vitality

Do These Challenges Hit Home with You?

  • Frustrated with unengaged, noncompliant patients?
  • Struggling to keep up with your ever-increasing patient load?
  • Tired of relying on insurance companies for payment?
  • Frustrated feeling like a commodity in the fee-for-service model?
  • Burned out at work and home?
  • Working long hours but still struggling to make the income you want
  • Wishing there was a way to do more for your patients?
  • Do you desire more spaciousness in your schedule?
  • Want to finally take a vacation?

If you said yes to any or all of the above, this Blueprint was designed with you in mind.

Ready to Finally Fully Leverage Your Expertise & Reclaim Your Time with Customized Programs?

Then what are you waiting for? Download our free Blueprint now and take the first step to upleveling your practice and your life.