Hope For Health

A 15-minute documentary that examines the current state of our healthcare system, how it affects doctors in private practice, and what doctors can do to take control of their practice and make a greater impact in their community.

About the Film, “Hope For Health”

The film company, Smooth Motion, recently featured Freedom Practice Coaching in a 15-minute documentary called “Hope For Health”. This short documentary looks at the rapidly changing health industry, and how in recent years many doctors in private practice find themselves unexpectedly having to sell their practice or close their doors for business. This disturbing trend is unproportionally affecting doctors who offer a more holistic or integrative approach to medicine. Hope isn’t lost though, the documentary reveals how some doctors are choosing to take control of their practice, and in the process they’re able to create a greater impact within their local community

Watch "Hope for Health" to discover...

  • 5 things that health professionals can do to build a successful practice.

  • How doctors around the USA and the world have chosen to take a more entrepreneurial approach to running their practice.

  • The alarming statistics behind private practices closing around the country.

  • How to thrive in practice, even with the current state of the broken healthcare system.