Structuring Your Practice For Maximum Profitability.

  • Discover the #1 Mistake that limits your practices growth and profit.
  • Understand the different positions that every successful practice needs to fill.
  • How to reduce your workload by 50% by creating an organizational structure.

In This Video:

Time Topic
00:40 Build a practice that compels people to seek you out.
01:44 Create an endless flow of prospective patients.
02:59 A simple exercise to guarantee growth.
05:09 It’s not about revenue, it’s about profit.
07:48 Is your take-home income equal to your true value?
08:29 Taking your ego out of being the leader in your practice.
10:14 Building a business by working on the business.
10:43 Am I taking better care of patients than myself?… my family.

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Lesson 1: 3 Essential Actions That Fill Your Practice With The Right Patients.

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Dr. Charles Webb
Freedom Practice Coaching

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