All Heart: The Selfless Act of Sticking with It

All Heart: The Selfless Act of Sticking with It

“I have had a blessed life. I’ve never really suffered, mentally or physically. Nor has my immediate family. But growing up in the corn fields of Minnesota, I had no choices. My world was the microcosm of the environment I was exposed to, and I came out of that little town knowing that the thread of my purpose was to help people.”

With limited options, Dr. Peter Wannigman, owner at San Diego Naturopathic, initially chose a profession where he assumed he would play a major role in helping others have “more peace and less pain.” As a successful pharmacist he spent several years seeing thousands of patients who all had one thing in common – they were suffering and believed that their only option for relief was filling their prescription.

“I saw so many people relying on medication and I knew they were toxic. No one was giving them options; and if people don’t have options they’ll go the doctor on insurance, stand in line, and take the drugs. I was getting bummed that I didn’t have any solutions.”

When Peter discovered the world of naturopathic medicine, he became deeply invested and left pharmacy to attend school and become an ND. After graduating he worked in an integrative practice and even served on the five-person team that wrote the California ND Act of ’04 which provided licensure to NDs in the state.

“I was passionately on fire with an intention to do better than just hand out drugs. I got appointed to be on the committee and write the bill, and it was a gamechanger for the profession.”

After 10 years in naturopathy, Peter was once again put in a position where his options were limited. He would either need to build his own practice amid the 2008 recession or accept an offer that would take him back into pharmacy.

“I picked the paycheck and went back for the security. I was offered a new store and was able to have some aspects that were in the natural realm. I had homeopathy and herbs. Then in 2015 I was let go with no notice, no severance, nothing. I had no idea what to do.”

Being laid off was the final turning point for Peter. He decided he was done with pharmacy and knew that he needed to be the doctor. But choosing to go all-in on his passion would mean starting his own business, and he was “terrified” and knew he needed help.

“I didn’t know how to run a business and I wanted to find somebody that had done it successfully with a blueprint. I heard about FPC at a convention and learned that a trusted friend was already working with them and had turned her practice around. In September of 2018 I made the investment and entered FPC with a mindset that I was going to listen, follow the instructions, and make my life be something rewarding.

Since starting with FPC, Peter has doubled his revenue every year and went from starting completely solo to hiring full-time employees. Then, earlier this year he hit his best month ever. But his biggest lesson as an entrepreneur was the realization that there were always going to be both ups and downs.

Peter took a “punch to the gut” when he missed goal in the month that followed his “best,” and has had to let go of employees that don’t share his vision. And knowing that his success is fully dependent on his transparency, he speaks up when he is facing challenges; even when its uncomfortable.

“I was sitting in a workshop and I’m hearing other people talk about their ‘downs’ and I am thinking Holy Christmas, man, I wish my ‘down’ was like that. And I was embarrassed to bring up mine. But I spoke up; and I knew that I just had to rely on my coaches, dig in deeper, and know that it was going to get better. And it did.”

For over four years, Peter has fully trusted the advice and guidance of FPC. He has developed resiliency and discipline and is grateful to be a part of the community.

“I don’t want to do this journey alone. FPC is not just about learning how to run a business, it’s about inspiring others to be better. It’s the most virtuous group I’ve ever been involved with, and I am thankful to be here.”

Peter is dedicated to educating others about their options in healthcare. His overwhelming passion has not only helped him persevere and strengthen his commitment but has led to a deep understanding of his true purpose.

“I’ve realized what’s really important and it’s not the material things. It’s about how I feel about my health and how I’m contributing to society. I’m in the ‘wood shop chopping wood’ a lot, and I’m willing to do that because my rewards will come. And it’s the rewards of helping other people. It’s having compassion and cherishing others. That’s where happiness comes from. And I’m living a happy life.”

Are you ready for your own success story?

If you are, I have good news! We can get you results like this. It won’t be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but I’ve seen it happen so many times that I can tell you that’s it’s possible.
You’ve got to be hungry, driven, up for the work, listen more than you talk, complete more than complain, implement plans more than you announce them, and show up daily with a beginners mind. If you’re ready, it’s time to get to work!

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