The Powerful Influence of Strong Communities

The Powerful Influence of Strong Communities

“People get caught up in ‘I should be healthy; I should be happy,’ but things just don’t work that way. We have to be intentional and make a commitment to do the work; and that takes courage and bravery.”

At a very young age, Leann Moore, Health Coach and Wellness Coordinator at Entelechy Life, realized that she had an overwhelming passion of empowering people to make positive, life altering changes. Then as a long-time health professional and educator, she learned that physical and mental health go hand-in-hand; and deciding to change for the better takes guts.

“It’s much easier to just drift along because it doesn’t require any effort and you don’t have to address any demons in your closet. Having a healthy mindset is part of the journey and it doesn’t happen naturally. To admit that things aren’t working is a big courageous step. So, I always try to be honest with people that they are going to have to do some work.”

Before joining Entelechy Life, Leann spent years navigating through the red tape associated with working in a corporate hospital environment; and in 2021 she made the tough decision to walk away. While looking for something new, she was met with plenty of opportunities that were a match for her skill set; but she held out for a place that would also align with her values. Just as she began to feel defeated in her search, she stumbled across the position that led her to Dr. Jen Mead.

“It was like divine intervention. When I called, I could sense that Dr. Jen lived by her values and truly cared about people. And during the interview she said she wanted to build a community and that really struck my heart. I think authentic communities are undervalued in the world of healthcare; and a key factor to being successful is having a community that’s got your back.”

Leann inherited the entire FPC community when she teamed up with Dr. Jen and that made the transition from a corporate world to a two-woman operation much smoother. Being new to an environment where she could actually see the results of her contribution took some adapting to, but Leann says that being a part of the practice is like a “little slice of heaven.”

“I get to see the results of my work in a much bigger way and be really entrenched in the process and the journey of everything. It’s much more fulfilling to me because I know the work that I’m doing is making an impact and it’s keeping our doors open. My work is appreciated, and I always have to be on my ‘A game.’ That’s why I’m so grateful for the FPC coaching and workshops.”

The weekly FPC workshops are blocked on Leann’s calendar, and she believes they make her job much easier. She shows up, she listens, and she takes what she learns and implements it into her practice. By attending, she gains both the support and knowledge she needs to be successful.

“It could take me an entire year to learn all the information I get in a one-hour time slot. I don’t have to recreate the wheel or anything. I just listen intently and just repeat it; and it gives me the opportunity to hear what other practices are doing too. I pick up a ton of gold nuggets. I’ve never felt this supported in my work!”  

Support, along with love and encouragement, are potent within strong communities; and when Leann was immersed in all of it during her first quarterly event, she told herself to “soak it in.” She believes it’s the little things in life that make a big difference and she and Dr. Jen both keep things small and simple by genuinely expressing their gratitude and appreciation with one another.

“A smile, a hug, a high five, words of encouragement – they’re the basics of what humans need and that’s how we try to live each day around here. There are many basic things that are getting left behind in our fast-paced lives, and I see so many people hurting mentally and physically. I want to be present for each person that comes in. I want people to know that they’re loved and they’re of value. People need to know someone cares.”

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