How this doctor turned away from a frantic life—from oppression to freedom

How this doctor turned away from a frantic life—from oppression to freedom

Dr. Kori was confined to a traditional “oppression” model that entailed 50-hour work weeks and endless paperwork that haunted her weekends. She didn’t sign up for this.

Although she was diligent in the rigid process that is common to doctors, she found herself pondering on whether this is what she really wants.

She followed the typical plan of the aspiring doctor: get a degree, do residency and training, save 10,000 lives, and then retire at some point.

From the beginning, she chose to conform to whatever all the other doctors were doing: practice in the box and let things run their course.

With a family medicine background, she depended on insurance and gave into the idea that grinding as much as 70 hours per week was just the way it’s going to be. Be happy and grateful, right?

She thought she was doing “really well” but at the end of the day still had to ponder: “I definitely owned a job and not a business.”

These scenarios are all too common in the traditional fee-for-service model: even with staff to aid her, Dr. Kori would find herself so overwhelmed with paperwork that she would often find herself taking this work home. This was not a good recipe for family time.

“I was killing myself time wise and literally had no freedom,” she said. Even during moments of rest and relaxation, she would still find herself completing notes on her laptop. Work just never stopped.

An unfortunate event in her life prompted her to take a step back to see what is really valuable to her: she lost her sister. This incident gave her a moment to reflect on the importance of life and how she can make an even better impact on the lives of others.

Life would be kinder to Dr. Kori if there was a way out of the traditional “oppression” model that was keeping her in bondage. She searched for a means that allowed her to continue earning through meaningful practice while enjoying her freedom. Fortunately for her, this is exactly what FPC is about.

An answer presented itself to Dr. Kori in September 2014 at a medical conference.

In an FPC-sponsored activity, Dr. Kori was struck by the simple words of a man speaking in front of her: Are you looking for time and freedom?

She dived right into the conversations that happened during those moments and opened herself up to changes that continue to shape her life today.


A life changing moment

She made the leap to leave insurance—on a year-end that is usually a crazy, busy time for medical doctors—and she has never looked back since.

“The FPC model made so much sense—it resonated with me from the very beginning,” she said. “I was like ‘oh my gosh where has this been and how have I never heard about anything like this before?'”

Seven years have passed and Dr. Kori now enjoys true freedom—flexibility and autonomy that allows her to truly live life while doing the things that she loves: being at her best for her private medical practice; coaching others in their journey to freedom; and being relentless in her yearning to keep learning.

“As we got rolling in FPC, I created my freedom model and kept my primary care practice going at the same time,” she shared in glee. “I saw the value in the benefits and I also found passion in my work again.”

Freedom greeted Dr. Kori in ways that really gave her more control of her life.

She was able to take a trip to Europe with her husband Patrick while still keeping her private practice running.

“The clinic actually ran without me. That was amazing,” she said. “The flexibility in my life is what I always wanted.”

Dr. Kori and her rockstar team work together to change lives every day.


Dr. Kori’s life sails in its natural rhythm today. She can sleep well and she doesn’t even have to set an alarm to wake up. Gone are the frantic moments at work.

“I do feel like I’m living more calmly and more in flow. I ride the waves much better and more confidently than before,” she said.


A new chapter for her and her patients

An impactful practice matters to Dr. Kori. She takes pride and fulfillment in being able to help patients regain their lives again in the same way that she regained hers. The story of a diabetic patient named Sheila is one that Dr. Kori likes to tell with pride.

“She was in her 50s with type 2 diabetes and a disability,” she said. “She came to me and ended up doing a program. And at the end of it, she was down to a pre-diabetic stage!”

In this instance, Dr. Kori witnessed the power of her freedom and how it can enable her to help and to connect with her patients with meaning.

“I had the great honor of seeing her more recently, continuing the teaching on the skills of being healthy,” she said. “Today, her diabetes is completely gone and she is living a new chapter in her life that was never possible before I met her.”

Dr. Kori was instrumental in this change in others–and she would never really have been able to touch lives had she continued to live in her frantic past.

Are you ready for your own success story?

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