Challenge and Opportunity are Synonymous

Challenge and Opportunity are Synonymous

Having spent the last decade on the Functional Nutrition Resources team, Heather Alexander, Lead Practitioner, has developed a deep love for her practice, and their entire community. Her investment in the business goes far beyond hours worked, and stems from her passion in health and more importantly, her devotion towards supporting others through their wellness journeys.

“My dad had some health challenges when I was younger, and I helped him make some lifestyle changes. We tried new recipes, he got more active, and he lost weight; and I really loved seeing him feel is best. I ended up going to school for nutrition and dietetics and the further I got, the more I realized I wanted to explore integrative medicine. I also encountered some health challenges of my own and realized that I really did need to know the root cause.”

When Heather met Jenette and Amos, owners of the practice, she discovered how similar their visions were and joined their team. After working alongside each other for nearly six years, Jenette and Heather signed up for a dinner seminar hoping they would walk away with a few pearls that might help them broaden their client reach.

“We heard Dr. Webb speak at the dinner, and Jenette said we should probably do a call with them. That’s when everything got laid out; and the whole FPC model just made sense. I was willing to try anything just to give more people the help they need.”

After joining forces with FPC, the practice began experiencing several wins; the most predominant being their official “brake-up” with the insurance model. Then they were awarded FPC’s “Team of the Year” in 2020; and this past May, Heather was the recipient of FPC’s “Team Member of the Year” award for having played an integral role in the mission of her practice. They have also become routine goal hitters and have seen a tremendous spike in their revenue.

“We had our best day ever in the middle of February with $26,379.63. I’ve been with our practice for a long time and when we were doing insurance, sometimes that’s all we would get for a whole month. And this was just one day! I was like holy cow, that’s huge! And we already have the most clients signed this month, so we are definitely seeing some great changes.”

Among these changes was a shift in responsibilities for Heather, which she pursued to add value to the practice and increase their “lives changed” total.

“I wanted to grow and help in more areas, so I went to Jenette and said if you would have me, I would love to help you do PME’s. I thought, if we’re both doing them, that’s more people we can help; that’s more changed lives. Plus, it would free up Jenette to be able to work more on the business. So, we created a plan and eventually got the ball rolling.”

That plan, however, got delayed. Heather originally proposed the idea in early 2020, right before covid hit; and when the practice was faced with the challenge of shifting their entire platform to fit a virtual venue, they all had to work hard to adapt.

“We were all hands-on deck for the transition, and we didn’t know how it was going to work. We went from live dinner talks only, to webinars very quickly. We added a private Facebook group for client support and connection; and shifted to online classes which we had never done before. There was uncertainty, but we just took things one day at a time. So, stepping into the PME role was put on hold and I had to look at it as an opportunity and ask myself what I could do to grow into the role. So, I got a lot more practice than I normally would have, and was just really able to learn it.”

Heather believes that having that type of “growth mindset” is fundamental in achieving success as a team member. She says that acknowledging potential challenges, proposing solutions, and always asking questions is key.

“You always want to make sure you understand what is being taught. So, if you’re feeling stuck, ask questions and get help; and stay as plugged in as you can with the workshops. If there are challenges, go to your leader with viable solutions that may help, and do so in a way that isn’t bossy. And be willing to grow. Even if it’s a little scary, even if its uncomfortable, always operate from that growth mindset.”

Are you ready for your own success story?

If you are, I have good news! We can get you results like this. It won’t be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but I’ve seen it happen so many times that I can tell you that’s it’s possible.
You’ve got to be hungry, driven, up for the work, listen more than you talk, complete more than complain, implement plans more than you announce them, and show up daily with a beginners mind. If you’re ready, it’s time to get to work!

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