COVID-19: ‘Scary Times’ Success Strategy

COVID-19: ‘Scary Times’ Success Strategy

You don’t have to shut-down or slow-down over COVID-19
You can impact your community and thrive!

In times of uncertainty, you will always find fearmongers trying to stir up emotions and create chaos. Fear is rarely the answer unless you need to run from a bear.

According to many experts, the best defense to these type of outbreaks is a proven offense.

First and foremost, follow the guidelines of social responsibility. This doesn’t mean simply avoiding social gatherings but includes taking specific actions to strengthen your immune system.

Your community needs answers, and they’re hoping to hear from you. NOW!

Our FPC client-doctors are thriving during this time of uncertainty.

Here’s why:

1. They offer hope in a time when the primary message is one of fear. FPC doctors are providing a message of hope along with strategies to support a strong immune system. We’ve provided all the marketing material, the webinars and the virtual content to bring new clients into their programs.

2. Because FPC doctors are trained to be more than providers of services and treatment, they can thrive even in the virtual world, where the primary value is in education and empowerment. Right now, your patients are looking for answers to gain control of their immunity and their health. They’re looking for a guide they can trust.

3. FPC doctors have been trained to put together health programs for their clients. The fee-for-service model is outdated, symptom based and places the value on services rather than the final outcome. The program model is best for the doctor and the client. Understanding how to put programs together has allowed our FPC doctors to offer Immunity Programs.

Many doctors have simply chosen to play victim, just wait things out and hope for the best. This is not a good plan.

Linell King, MD, Shares How He’s Achieved Success during these crazy times.

Our doctors are seeing a huge influx of new prospects reaching out to them because:

1. For perhaps the first time in years, many are seeing their health differently. They are truly seeing the value in life and living abundantly. In these times, people will hold tight to only  spending money on necessities, but they will gladly invest into their most valuable asset, themselves and their families.

2. Many of these individuals don’t have doctors who act as their coach. They aren’t providing answers to allow them to take the offense and gain control of their health. So, they are justifiably excited when they receive our doctors’ message of hope and take them up on their offer.

At FPC, we are on purpose and are not going to sit back and leave frightened people in the dark. We have built a community of over 400 like-minded doctors throughout the country who are currently stepping-up and making an impact. Because of this, these practitioners will become even more recognized within their communities and the go-to doctors that can be trusted to make a difference.

If you’re looking thrive in these chaotic times, let us help!

Please reach out so we can begin a conversation on how you can make a bigger impact and become the go-to doctor.

It’s simple.

Call FPC at 210-394-3953 to schedule a 30-minute coaching call or schedule a free coaching call online.

Check out some of the comments we had from a few of our clients during our webinar on March 17th.

As of today, I’m set to have my Best Week Ever.

I’m 6 weeks into FPC, and I haven’t launched my marketing yet.  I’ve already sold programs and am on track for my Best Month Ever, without spending anything on marketing.

I just closed my first virtual client this week.

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