Dentist Ditches Old Practice Model to Build Thriving TMJ Treatment Center  

Dentist Ditches Old Practice Model to Build Thriving TMJ Treatment Center  

After 29 years as a dentist, Schuyler VanDyke, DMD, decided it was time to leave the daily grind of a traditional practice.

In April 2019, she sold her business to focus on her passion: a new approach to treating chronic TMJ disorders.

While she knew exactly how to resolve the most difficult cases and change the lives of those who suffered, she didn’t know how to market her unique niche or charge for a service that insurance doesn’t cover.

By June, Dr. VanDyke felt anxious and lost. She had opened up her new business 3 months earlier but was now faced with cash-flow issues.

She reached out to her friend and FPC client, Loy Anderson, MD, in Great Falls, Montana.

Dr. VanDyke knew Dr. Anderson had found success in working outside of the traditional practice model and felt it was time to quit trying to figure things out on her own.

Dr. Anderson connected her friend to Danielle Chandler, FPC’s Vice President of Growth and Development, for a consult.

“I talked to Danielle. It just sounded like, ‘You know what, this is it,’” she said. “It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I just didn’t know it existed.”

After doing her research and visiting the FPC team in San Antonio, Dr. VanDyke and her team signed up.  Since joining, she and her team have immersed themselves in learning and implementing FPC’s tried and true model.

“It all works the way Loy described to us,” said Dr. VanDyke

Dr. VanDyke tried a different coaching program a year before joining FPC but says the program unfortunately didn’t provide direction. At FPC, she was handed a clear and concise roadmap along with one-on-one coaching to ensure success.

Building a Practice Through Pre-education

“One of the best pearls I received from FPC was learning how impact my community by going to them. FPC taught me how to share my message by speaking to groups of interested prospects,” Dr. VanDyke said. “FPC helped me fill rooms full of prospective clients, learn to connect to my audience, craft my perfect talk and move prospects into consults where I can present the resolution. It worked like magic.”

Packaging Services

When Dr. VanDyke began working with FPC, she was still trying to make things work in the outdated traditional fee-for-service model, placing value on her TMJ devices and services instead of the destination.

She and her team’s treatment gave clients their life back – a life free from daily pain, interrupted sleep and headaches. She stopped selling her TMJ treatments and devices and began offering an opportunity to enjoy daily living again.

“Our attitude has changed,” she said.  “We value what we do, and we apply that value to our packages. By switching from fee-for-service to packaged services, we have made a much greater impact with our patients, generate more profit and I now have a life outside of my practice.”

Dr. VanDyke now feels she is following her passion and fulfilling her true purpose.  Her team has been onboard from day one, helping Schuyler implement the FPC model.

She and her team sold their first packages in October 2019.

“If you go after it and keep going after it, you’ll be successful,” she said. “FPC provided me with the path to make that happen.”

If Dr. VanDyke’s story resonates with you, please schedule a call with one of our team members.

This is the first step in your exploration to finding the right coach for you.

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