Finally Free and Empowered to Help Others

Finally Free and Empowered to Help Others

Doctors Leslie Meyers and Emily Colwell embrace
a freedom practice that places family first.

Naturopathic doctors Leslie Meyers and Emily Colwell have been in their practice for over 15 years now. They navigated their work and life together with hopes to achieve the best for their family.

They’ve tried the traditional insurance practice model, working relentless hours but seemingly accomplishing very little in terms of purpose filled work. They’ve also moved from Washington to North Carolina in search for better opportunities as they transitioned to a cash practice. They’ve also spent time and resources in getting some practice management coaching, but never felt their coaches resonated with their vision. 

In the end, they just felt stuck.

“We had the problem of trying to get people in the door,” Dr. Leslie said. “We were not really seeing the turnaround in the business financially.”

Dr. Leslie describes this situation to be “really stressful.” Their clinic, WaterLeaf Naturopathic Medicine, is their lifeline and their work as doctors is ingrained in their personal life and in the family that they built together.

If their practice is not at its best, then they are not at their best for each other and for their daughters.


The search for success

Dr. Leslie actively searched for support to help her get unstuck. She found FPC and discovered that it had exactly what she needed: guidance and a way to view things differently; a practice that served both patient and family.

For doctors Emily and Leslie, family always comes first.


Getting connected with FPC felt so natural for Dr. Leslie.

“We were on the same page when it came to values and I was getting good vibes,” she said. “I was just really excited.”

She said that FPC just worked for her. She and Dr. Emily bid goodbye to the stress of having to try and figure things out by themselves. They took comfort in knowing that FPC is just like having someone guide them to a place where they didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel”.

She said navigating a business can be stressful and discouraging especially when it takes so many tries to finally figure something out.

With FPC, they just got the ball rolling. No day of feeling stuck ever dawned on them again.

“When we started with FPC, we tripled our monthly revenue,” she said. For her, this essentially meant that having healthy finances in a cash practice means being able to help more people while simultaneously focusing on family. 


Truly empowered to help others

“We are going to really help people that haven’t gotten the help that they need so badly,” she said.

During her FPC journey, Dr. Leslie said that she became even more empowered to guide people in the direction of better health.

“That’s pretty amazing how FPC made me feel more empowered to look after my patients in the same way that FPC looked after us,” she said.

One of her miracle patients is a woman in her 40s, struggling with infertility.

“Every time we had a conversation, she became more at ease with her body and about embracing good health,” Dr. Leslie said. “She became even more relaxed and I eventually learned in two weeks that she actually had conceived.”

Dr. Leslie–empowered with her FPC journey–was instrumental in giving the woman inner peace that paved the way to helping her patient get pregnant.

The consistent support that Dr. Leslie and Dr. Emily had in their FPC journey made their practice just work for them; everything just fell into place.


Family first

FPC helped them overcome their fear, grow their business and strengthen their relationship together.

Finally free and empowered to help others


The most profound transformative experience for them was seeing the tremendous impact at home.

Both of them had more time for themselves and they enjoyed boundaries that allowed them to spend better quality time with their daughters. 

On top of this, Dr. Leslie opened her eyes to the bigger picture around her purpose as a doctor. She has this message to share to those yearning to take the leap into freedom:

“If you want to do something really powerful with your practice that involves helping people with lifestyle, long-term results, education and empowerment, FPC is the way to go,” she said.

Are you ready for your own success story?

Start your journey with FPC and schedule a call today.

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