How this chiropractor cracked the code to a better practice and a better life

How this chiropractor cracked the code to a better practice and a better life

No longer handcuffed and boxed up in a dated insurance model

Dr. Loreto Lo Bosco hurdled through some transformative setbacks about three years ago before finally settling into a better life with his family today.

The Illinois-based chiropractor recalled moments of glum in both his professional and personal life.

He kept dealing with patients daily who didn’t listen to him nor value his care.

“I had a difficult time communicating my message to them,” he said, describing his experience with a good number of fleeting patients. “They weren’t really following my recommendations and they weren’t seeing the results that they were hoping for because they’re just so used to getting treated as they come and go. And then they get confused and frustrated because pain comes back.”

It didn’t help that Dr. Loreto also had difficulties in getting a grip of the business model where he operated. “The whole business aspect was just very difficult,” he confessed. “I wasn’t trained in school on that.”

He was feeling unfulfilled and his frustrations piled up even more. He wanted freedom for himself and meaning for his practice. Eventually, he transitioned out of the fee-for-service model with hopes to find a better practice and a better life—these two didn’t find him so easily.

Days continued to become more challenging for Dr. Loreto. Financial responsibilities that came with a married life started to catch up on him. And then COVID-19 came in the same year he had his first son.

He described these days to be terrifying.

“At that time, we basically didn’t have any money. We had barely enough to pay for a mortgage and groceries,” he said. He had to deal with that and the constant ringing in his ear that told him to go back to insurance.

But Dr. Loreto stayed strong in his journey.

“I knew deep down that insurance was not the answer. I knew that there was something else that I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to be truly helping people. But I just didn’t know how to do it,” he said.


A journey to success

Freedom Practice Coaching came to his aid to open a door to a better life for him and his family. But this didn’t happen overnight.

Because of fear, it took him two years of consideration before finally taking the leap to join FPC. Since this decision, Dr. Loreto has never looked back.

He said that he distinctly remembers his first phone call with Freedom Practice Coach, Danielle, and being told that there is hope.

Dr. Loreto cracks the code to a better life


“I felt so much lighter and I felt like I was ready to cry,” Dr. Loreto said. “That conversation struck a chord and made me feel like a person again.”

Dr. Loreto took his journey with FPC and welcomed so many experiences that continue to shape his life today.

He said that the professional FPC team sincerely cared about his current situation and his future. They educated and empowered him to build the strength within him and allowed him to take the steps that he needed to take.

“I’m constantly learning something in every single interaction that I have with every FPC team member,” he said.

It didn’t take long for Dr. Loreto to experience renewed energy into his life. In the first 60 days of his journey, he had already embraced a new mindset and personal growth through interactions and conversations with his coaches–his new friends at FPC.

“I’m just so excited to be here and to get started with that proven plan that I was desperately searching for years,” he said. “What people get in FPC is different for every individual but you get every single thing that you need.”

Some people get a confidence boost; others get a plan; some acquire communication and business skills. Support and wisdom are imparted through workshops and one-on-one interactions with coaches.

His outlook on his life and his practice has never been better. Dr. Loreto leads his practice in a new light now. He sees patients differently and works with them in a more intimate setting. Gone are those sachet consultations where patients walk in and out of his office for a one-time treatment.

With his life put together and his FPC journey going strong, he found renewed zeal and meaning in his practice. He now enjoys good relationships with his patients and helps them reach their desired health destination.

He hears great stories from them; these spark energy into his practice now.

“I’m excited and eager to come in every day to have these appointments and to change people’s lives for the better,” he said. He pays it forward because he knows that FPC changed his, too.

Dr. Loreto is now a dad of two boys and lives a charming life with his wife in the suburbs. He continues his journey with FPC and invites you to join him to see your success on the horizon.

Are you ready for your own success story?

Start your journey with FPC and schedule a call today.


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