How Vikram, MD transitioned from Cardiology to Functional Medicine

How Vikram, MD transitioned from Cardiology to Functional Medicine

Charles Webb: Dr. Vik is a cardiologist who has been with us about 10 months. I remember when Vik signed up. I was really excited because had a very humble attitude. He was very willing to be coached and very respectful. I really appreciated that, and I am so glad that he’s with us. He started at ground zero. Did you even have an office?

Vikram, MD: Nothing.

Charles Webb: Yeah, he had nothing. So I’ll let you share.

Vikram, MD: As Charlie mentioned, my name is Dr. Vikram. I had a dream about five or six years ago and I went into traditional cardiology. My goal was I wanted to help people. I wanted to change lives. I wanted to possibly shift and even reverse disease. Within four years of practicing full time cardiology, it wasn’t happening. I was putting on band-aids, I was stenting, I was putting statins everywhere, and no one was getting better. I knew there was a better way. I was searching for a better way, and I searched for a while. I did the functional medicine training, which was phenomenal.

Functional medicine is a great tool set, but it’s useless without the business model. Charlie and his team, they have the business model. Without that business model, you won’t be able to actually help people or save lives, or shift people’s thinking.

My friend Joseph had joined Freedom Practice Coaching and he told me, “you got to join.” He said it’s this program, they’re going to coach you. They’re going to teach you how to become a wellness doctor, get into a different business model.” I asked him, “how much is this going to cost?” Then that’s when I dropped my phone.

My friend Joseph had fully committed to this whole thing and he was doing well so I paid attention.

I was skeptical at first.

As all of you may have been. Finally, I was talking to Dale Southerland who used to be part of the program, and he was texting me back and forth for almost a month, and then finally I said, “All right, let’s do this, let’s go to Discovery Day.”

Now my wife is the level headed person in our family. She has the calm demeanor and the logical thinking, and I’m passion and “Let’s just do it,” intuition and gut.

After the first hour of Discovery Day I said, “All right, here’s my credit card, let’s go.”

Then my wife says, “Just calm down, let’s listen to the rest of the program.” Then Charlie made a guest appearance. Near the end of Charlies appearance, she knew I was going to signup. We then had a one-on-one meeting with Charlie, and my wife starts bursting into tears.

I was trying to figure out what’s going on. Basically her concern was, “You’re going to take my husband away from our family and he’s going to be working so hard,” and things like that.

Then after a while she started realizing that one month, three months, one year, maybe 18 months of hard work and then you’re free for life. That’s a good trade-off, and so she got convinced and we started on this journey.

Again, I told you, I had nothing. I was successful as a cardiologist. I also have a successful real estate company as well, but being a salesperson or being a person who can market and do all these different things was a little different skill set. I had no clinic, no location, no name, no LLC, nothing. With Ed as my Director, everyone coaching me, we found a location, we set up our clinic. I started shifting away from cardiology.

My cardiology group was asking me, “What are you doing? You want to do what?” They thought I just lost it completely. They said, “You’re making a phenomenal salary. You’re about to become partner and you’re going to walk away from this right now?” I said, “Yes.” We found a clinic and I started one day a week, just one day a week. Four days, I was still busting my butt on that side of town doing cardiology, and one day a week I was starting my wellness practice.

Things started happening. I didn’t know if I could even actually sell one package or even do a dinner talk. I mean, I used to do dinner talks all the time. I used to do it for free because I was trying to educate the public. It was a nice talk, I got some applause, but no movement, no action. With the FPC model, I started doing dinner talks. I did my first ROF. The moment, and I still remember it, the moment I got the first person to signup for an ROF for a package, it was heaven.

I almost couldn’t believe it. Basically, I’m just selling an education, a program, a package, and this person’s going to pay me $7,000 for that?” I texted Ed the next day, and my wife said, “All right, this is real. We can do this.” Now, as my cardiology practice is starting to wind down, I’m basically now starting in January. I’ll be doing only two days a week in my cardiology practice. I’m going to be three days with doing my my functional medicine clinic.

I have big dreams, and I know Charlie and his team can help me. My goal is to create 15 of these all over the country. I want to disrupt healthcare, and I think Freedom Practice Coaching is the best tool set we have to do that. I think all of you guys are so successful here. You guys should be proud of yourselves.

You will find that this model brings your patient in as a partner in health, that will assume personal responsibility and hold themselves accountable for the daily decisions they make regarding their health. This is completely different than the traditional models that tend to address symptoms with a general disregard to fully educate the patient as to why they are unhealthy and how they can play a critical role in reaching those breakthrough results.

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