Paying It Forward Through Healing, Education, and Self-Evolution

Paying It Forward Through Healing, Education, and Self-Evolution

One thing is abundantly clear when conversing with Dr. Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM and Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, of Medicine with Heart Institute; they are living out their purpose and doing so with a drive that is hard to emulate.

Both Miles and Diane have heart wrenching stories that led them into medicine. Miles, having experienced the tragedy of his father’s abrupt death at a young age and then developing his own ailments while in school, and Diane, having suffered from a form of Lyme Disease so severe that she thought she was dying, refused to believe that conventional medicine was their only option and fought hard to seek answers.

In their personal searches, they studied, they researched, and they each ran their own separate practices until they met at an acupuncture education event and fell in love.

“Pretty soon after we met our practices joined,” Diane said. “We were partners in life first, but we met and fell in love pretty quickly. And within three months we were combining our businesses. So, it was very kind of when you know, you know.”

Though Medicine with Heart was founded after two souls united, Diane explained that the name of the practice had more to do with their focus on meditation and the goals they are after, not the story that led them into business together.

“The system of meditation that we practice is called Sheng Zhen and it’s about connecting to the heart. We were trying to find a name that reflected that we do medicine a bit differently. We spend a lot of time looking at [our clients] thought processes and internal belief systems. And if their thoughts are moving them into a state of relaxation, which encourages health, or into a state of agitation and stress which [makes it] hard for the body to function well.”

Their passion for their work bled into their vision for their business and though they were set on establishing a legacy by helping as many people as they could, the practice was growing slower than they hoped. They realized that they were facing a problem they could not solve without help. While Miles was the first to hear about FPC through a functional forum, Diane remained skeptical for a while.

“My initial feeling once I heard the price tag was, I don’t know, this is a lot of money. But after a year of talking about it, we realized that we were in the same place and I very much know the definition of insanity. So, I began to consider it and realized that FPC had the program and the knowledge to help us solve the problem.”

FPC triggered exponential growth for Diane and Miles as they learned strategic ways to design a business that was not dependent of their time. They learned how to delegate tasks more efficiently allowing them to focus their energy on higher level areas, one of which was their desire to educate others.

“Education is about empowerment,” Miles said. I think a lot about how to impact the world and how to help more people in more profound ways. One on ones in the clinic is meaningful because I know that as those people heal, they become happier, they become more energetic and they’ll spread that to their family, to their coworkers and in their own lives. And I feel that educating practitioners will lead to them educating their patients, leading to the bigger ripple effect. I think a lot about the needs of the world and how to impact those needs in a big way.”

Miles and Diane spoke highly of the camaraderie they found within FPC as they described the experiences they gain during each quarterly and the knowledge that is shared with like-minded professionals.

“FPC has become like a family,” Miles said. We can talk business, but we can also just relax and enjoy each other’s company. I feel like I can call someone there and get support on anything in life. I feel like I’m very connected with the community. It’s a family and we’re looking out for each other.”

Miles and Diane say FPC has allowed them to continuously evolve while running a successful business and as long-time clients, they encourage newer practitioners to stick to the program when things seem difficult.

“Pay attention to what your coaches are saying and have a plan of attack on how you’re going to motivate yourself when it feels like a fire hose of information,” Diane said.

“Don’t let the mind constantly jump from thing to thing,” says Miles. “Keep it focused on one thing, do that thing, and then focus on another. Take things one step at a time.”

So, are you ready for a success story of your own?

If you are, I have good news! We can get you results like this. It won’t be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but I’ve seen it happen so many times that I can tell you that’s it’s possible.
You’ve got to be hungry, driven, up for the work, listen more than you talk, complete more than complain, implement plans more than you announce them, and show up daily with a beginners mind. If you’re ready, it’s time to get to work!

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