Power in Unity: A Team’s Commitment to the Mission

Power in Unity: A Team’s Commitment to the Mission

When Juditha Miceli, Medical Assistant, first stepped foot into Medical Direct Care she knew that being on Dr. Gregory Fryers team would be different than her previous roles at other doctor’s offices. Prior to that interview, she had become disappointed with how her career path was going. She felt the positions she held in the past were unaligned with her vision of contributing to a permanent change in the lives of those in need.

“Even though the doctors would encourage people to live a healthy life, I didn’t see the transformation that I thought I was going to see. They would just give medications. The moment that I walked into Dr. Fryers office I knew that it was going to be different. It brought me back to the reason why I chose the field that I chose.”

Juditha now feels like she is exactly where she belongs. She understands the importance of her role in the practice and the difference each team member can make in achieving the overall goals of the business.

“I’m not just an employee. I feel like I’m a part of the mission and vision that Dr. Fryer has for the practice. If our practice members lack motivation, I make sure that I try and guide them to take baby steps and show them that it’s just best to continue moving forward.”

Juditha explained that the passion she has for her work is a mutual feeling among the entire team. It is what allows them to operate efficiently and in the most cohesive way. Everyone shares a strong desire and motivation to show up every day for the practice members and for each other.

“We have an amazing doctor that has such a positive attitude every day. He’s a great leader and a great speaker. We all feel the same way. I can honestly say that that the team we have and the doctor we have, they are all amazing.”

Chelsea Calvert, Medical Direct’s Certified Clinical MA, is motivated by her faith and feels compelled to make a difference peoples lives. “She is an amazing mother and very reliable,” Juditha said.

Dr. Fryers wife, Erien, Office Manager and Wellness Coach, study’s the Bible, plays the violin and is “super knowledgeable,” says Juditha. “She knows what she is talking about.”

Chelsey Steinberger, Registered Medical Assistant, has had the desire to help others since childhood. Her goal is to help people become their best selves while supporting them on their health journeys.

Twice a week the team meets to discuss revenue, brainstorm business opportunities, and bring up areas that may need special attention. They are also intentional in the time they spend together outside of the practice.

“It’s a blessing,” Juditha said, when she spoke about the family-like bond that unites the team. “We just had a Christmas celebration and we were just playing games, having fun, laughing, and spending good quality time together. We are pretty close.”

Juditha feels honored to be a part of the FPC community and is excited about the mission to change 10 million lives. She believes the insight and lessons she learns from the group are invaluable.

“I feel like the mission is amazing. Dr. Fryer is very connected to it and shares information with us. Plus, we get to be a part of each quarterly and each one is just mind blowing. If we follow the instructions that are given along with the information, we see growth.”

Growth became the theme of our chat with Juditha. She discussed the exponential growth of her practice members, she mentioned the growth of the practice as a whole, she talked about the growth she sees in Dr. Fryer and also referenced the magnitude of growth she has personally experienced.

“I have seen Dr. Fryer grow into someone who has that instant connection with people. No one wants to pass up the opportunity to have a consultation with him. I have also gotten better at speaking with people because Dr. Fryer has presented me with classes I can take to develop that area and gain more knowledge so that I can speak with confidence.”

Together, the team works to overcome challenges quickly. They understand the importance of communication to serve their practice members better and stay on track with their mission.

“It’s a team effort. We put the practice members before ourselves to stay focused on our vision and mission. We are united in knowing that this is about seeing people’s lives transform. And there is power in unity.”

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