What’s Their Secret? This Team is Hitting Goals Left and Right!

What’s Their Secret? This Team is Hitting Goals Left and Right!

“Figure out what your core values are and hire people who have the same core values.”

With the help of the FPC hiring process and his coach, Forrest Norman, DDS, has zeroed in on his core values and has assembled an outstanding “A team” at Queens Road Dentistry. The team of seven have been hitting back-to-back monthly goals and finally broke free from declaring September as their “plagued month.”

“August was our best month ever. We hit a hundred thousand and we’ve never done that. And we are hitting goal in September as well and it used to be our worst month of the year. We used to call it suck-tember.”

Forrest joined FPC in March of 2020 and hit a few bumps from the get-go. Due to the onset of the pandemic, he made the difficult decision to close his doors for a full seven weeks and then lost a good number of his staff amid the transition.

Despite the challenge, Forrest found a way to persevere. He took the advice of his coach to heart and implemented what he was taught. This not only allowed him to stay focused but also helped him develop a team that he is truly grateful for.

Amy, Forrest’s wife, has officially joined the team as a health coach, is closing programs like a champ, and according to Forrest has “always had a passion for real food and how important it is for nourishing the body.” Robyn, Dental Hygienist, is a is a “five-star google review superstar and is amazing at building relationships with patients,” said Forrest.

Queens Road’s newest team member, Madison (Dental Hygienist), “hit the ground running and is wise beyond her years.” Kristen, Office Manager, is super organized and Forrest says she is “great with stats and keeps everyone in check and on point.”

Tyra is the Orthodontics Assistant who knows everything! “I think she may know more about orthodontics than I do,” says Forrest. “And if we want a real answer that is not sugar-coated, we ask Rita (Clinical Assistant).”

With the help of his team and FPC, Forrest put several systems in place for bringing in new practice members. Now, he has not only doubled the amount of his new monthly clients, but he was able to do something this year that he hadn’t done since he opened his doors. He took a 10-day vacation.

“I took the family to Montana. I used to go there twice a year and just loved it but had never taken the whole family, so it was pretty special. And I’ve taken vacations here and there but never two weeks!”

My guess is that Forrest Normans team will continue to appear on our communities list of “weekly wins” because according to his coach, they always rally together and find a way to hit their goals; and Forrest says it’s all about keeping track of the numbers.

“I was worried that keeping track of the numbers daily would take the focus off the practice member and thought that we’d be too focused on money, but the opposite happened. The team gets excited and motivated when we go through the numbers because we know where we’re at. When we started keeping track, that was key.”

Hitting goals is one of the many things that the Queens Road team does together. Each morning they huddle up to review their game plan and tackle any concerns or pressing issues; and they consistently role-play during their weekly team trainings to nail down the discovery call. Sometimes, they even do this over lunch at their favorite restaurant.

“Yesterday for our staff meeting, we went out to lunch. We are definitely making goal, so we were also celebrating. And we had our meeting at a local restaurant and celebrated our two months in a row of hitting goals.”

There is no question that Forrest’s team has experienced a significant amount of growth and he attributes their success to FPC and the guidance of his coach.

“We really enjoy being with FPC. I mean, it’s just a wealth of information! And my coach Luke has really helped build my business. We worked on building a good team by sticking to our core values. We are very cohesive; we communicate well, and perform well. And we like each other too!”

Are you ready for your own success story?

If you are, I have good news! We can get you results like this. It won’t be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but I’ve seen it happen so many times that I can tell you that’s it’s possible.
You’ve got to be hungry, driven, up for the work, listen more than you talk, complete more than complain, implement plans more than you announce them, and show up daily with a beginners mind. If you’re ready, it’s time to get to work!

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