The #1 Key Activity that ensures constant growth in your practice.

Hint: Over 95% of health professionals skip this step

  • Discover which metrics are essential to track for constant practice growth.
  • Know at all times whether your practice is on track to hit the goals you’ve set out for it.
  • Why ‘keeping score’ is the most important activity that you can do to ensure that your practice is successful.

In This Video:

Time Topic
00:30 The five prosperity pillars.
01:58 Running it by numbers rather than emotions.
02:46 Constant monitoring VS yearly goal setting.
04:53 “Calling an audible”.
07:07 Practical examples.
08:54 Properly packaging your services.
09:41 Understanding statistics.
11:22 Train your staff to know your numbers.

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With Gratitude,

Dr. Charles Webb
Freedom Practice Coaching

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