How to convert over 80% of your prospective patients into paying clients. Without having to sell anything.

Hint: Over 95% of health professionals skip this step

  • How to properly pre-educate your prospects prior to them coming into your practice, ensuring an easy conversion.
  • The Key Method that works to enroll prospective patients into the practice (without ever having to act like a sales person).
  • Discover why automating the pre-education process can be one of the biggest time saving activities that you can implement.

In This Video:

Time Topic
00:30 The importance of business principles.
01:16 Pre-educating your prospect is the fastest way to rapidly grow your practice.
02:28 I’m not just your doctor, I’m your partner in health.
03:07 The importance of mindset.
04:31 You should to be paid a fair value of exchange for what your delivering… most doctors aren’t.
06:16 Standing out from your competition.
08:42 Getting your team to be your #1 cheerleaders.
11:22 Your patients are looking for a mentor not just a doctor.
12:42 Are you missing out on these goldmines in your practice.

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Lesson 4: The #1 Key Activity that ensures constant growth in your practice.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Charles Webb
Freedom Practice Coaching

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